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Airline Services 3-5.9.18 L3 AET

Nicholas Morgan - I found the course to be informative and very well delivered. I liked how Rebecca kept everyone involved with group discussions, she explained everything and had a way in which everyone understood. I would welcome the opportunity to do another course with Rebecca at any time.

Sarah Cooper - I found this course as a whole very well presented involving a lot of information, that is going to benefit me in the future. Rebecca has been an excellent tutor, well-spoken and very enthusiastic. Nothing is too much to ask. She helped me build confidence in what I am doing.

(The Launch Group) Changing Lives 13,17 & 20.9.18

Stephani Latibeaudiere - The course was very engaging with a superb range of resources which kept me interested throughout. I felt inclusive in all tasks and Rebecca made sure I fully understood each task. Rebecca is a fantastic trainer who made me feel very comfortable and confident to voice my thoughts.

Lisa Ray - This course is everything I expected it to be, enjoyable, informative and very interesting. I feel I have learnt a lot, more than I expected. Rebecca was very engaging and inclusive, she was extremely supportive if I didn’t quite get what was being said in the group. Rebecca has a lovely way about here and felt she brought the teacher and the best out of me.

Catherine Robinson - I signed up to course at the last minute and was impressed by the speed that Rebecca got back to me via email. I have enjoyed the course so far and feel that the tutor has been very approachable throughout for answering any questions. I felt very supported.

Orange Box Training Solutions 12 & 19.9, 3 & 10.10.2018

Chris Andrews - I found this course very interesting and feel I have learned a great deal. The pace and pitch was to everyone’s benefit and I had enough time to complete each task. Rebecca is very motivational and with a calm manner, she is very knowledgeable about this subject. It has been a pleasure to take part in this course and I am thankful I chose to attend.

Claire Gibbons - I have really enjoyed the course. I have learned so much over the course and look forward to doing my Assessors qualification soon. The location and environment are really good and Rebecca is a great teacher – very calm, organised and thorough. Thankyou.

Orange Box Training Solutions – L3 AET 30.10, 6,14 & 21.11.2018

This is a photo of the learners and we are holding flowers that were made as part of a micro teach. Well done everyone.

Learner taking their L5 Management Diploma

Nergz Mir - This morning, I received my certificates for my level 5. I would like to say a Huge thanks for all your support, advice, encouragement and motivation because I couldn't finish it without your hard work. You were answering all my questions and emails all the time. You are an outstanding assessor and I was so lucky I had you. Hope you the best and thanks again.

Airline Services – 8-12.1.2018 L3 AET

Chris Fisher - Airline Services January 2018

The course was delivered in a professional manner with great content relating to teaching and learning,  Rebecca’s teaching style is supportive, open to suggestions and she is great at keeping learners engaged and motivated by encouraging learners to get involved in all course activities.  It has been hard work completing this course, however Rebecca’s approach to training is relaxed and certainly enjoyable.  Thank you so much you are a star!

Ben Wasley - Airline Services January 2018

Rebecca is a great teacher and a lovely lady.  The course is very well written and presented and made my time on it very enjoyable.  I feel I have learnt so much I can use in my workplace as well as in my personal life.  I would definitely recommend this course to other people.  A true pleasure to have attended it.

The Launch Group – 6 & 7 & 12-14.12.2017 - L3 AET

Alex Robson - The Launch Group December 2017

I thought Rebecca was a very friendly and warm tutor who immediately put me at ease.  The varied learning styles and activities kept me motivated and interested throughout the course.  As a result of this course I now feel confident delivering in my own role. 

Dan Banks - The Launch Group December 2017

I feel this course has cemented my knowledge of teaching and presenting.  This has given me the confidence to alter my teaching style and developing current presentations at work.  It has reminded me of skills I used to use when teaching in Schools and when studying for my PGCE.  However, it has given me much more confidence.  The pace and level of this course were both excellent.  The tasks were varied and helpful.  Feedback has been constructive and developmental.  The micro-teach was a great way of sharing what we had learnt.

Swissport  - 20-24.11.2017 Manchester  - L3 AET

Lauren Horsfall - Swissport Manchester November 2017

Before coming on the course I was very nervous and apprehensive as I am not very confident in myself.  After the first couple of hours I felt at ease and looked forward to everyday!  The course and its content is fantastic and Rebecca delivers it so well.  I cannot thank Rebecca enough for helping me out of my comfort zone, helping me gain confidence and walking away with a much better view and ideas in training,  Fantastic! Thank you.

Rebecca Smith - Swissport Manchester November 2017

The course was really interesting with lots of great and valuable information which will be very beneficial to me in the future.  Rebecca makes everyone very welcome and all the group interacted which meant it was very enjoyable and people soon became very comfortable with each  other which added to the course.

Swissport staff. L3 Award in Education and Training. Elmdon Building Birmingham Airport 3-8.09.2017.

Chris Downey – Swissport Bristol June 2017

I found the course amazing and the quality of help from Rebecca and the whole group with my spelling problems and needs was amazing.  I have never had help to progress in anything till this course and it has made a big difference to the way I look at things now. Thank you.

Lauren Hawthorn – Swissport Bristol June 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. As well as it being fun and so involved with various activities, I have learnt a lot that I can take away and use.  Considering I train every day, I embraced the course and feel now I have a totally different outlook on training completely.  I love how activities are varied so the writing was broken up by flipcharts and energisers.  Rebecca was brilliant, so approachable and overall a brilliant tutor!

Ashlee Saunders – Swissport Bristol 2017

Thank you very much Rebecca. (In response to icebreakers and energisers booklet I forwarded to Ashlee). And also, thank you for being so patient with me last week. This was the most informative and friendly course I have ever been on and you were super helpful throughout. Take care.

Event held at The Launchpad Victoria Road (Teesside University) relaunch of coworking days (Colleagues on Tap) called ‘What the hell is coworking’ on 23.3.17 (half a day) with guest speaker Daniel Dixon from Viral Effect.

Swissport staff L3 Award in Education and Training.  Manchester in Voyager House.  Monday 6-10.3.2017

Amanda McDougall – My first day on the course, I felt like a fish out of water.  I was not ever going to be able to complete the course.  I was so out of my comfort zone.  Rebecca reassured me and I felt more relaxed and I ended up really enjoying this course due to Rebecca’s support, encouragement, professionalism and patience.  Thanks so much for all your help Rebecca.

Desmond Bushe – I came on this course and was not sure how I would get on with the learning, with it being so intense.  I was also worried about being around new people for a week.  But as the week progressed and with Rebecca’s guidance I became more comfortable and feel I have grown in confidence a great deal and this should have a great impact on my role of trainer when back at work.

Swissport staff L3 Award in Education and Training.  East Midlands Airport.  Monday 27-31.3.2017

Ian Fallen – Rebecca made us feel so comfortable and the course was delivered fantastically both times I was present.  Due to personal reasons I had to leave during the first course at Stansted but Rebecca welcomed me back on this course to complete the final two days including my micro teach.  Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Swissport staff L3 Award in Education and Training.  Stansted Airport Monday 23-27.1.2017

Richard Weeks – A very enjoyable course ran by a very knowledgeable person in Rebecca Hodgson.  I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from her great teaching methods.  Has been a pleasure!

Matthew Shaughnessy – Thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish.  The course has contained some helpful ways to teach which I will definitely be taking into my new role of Ramp Online Trainer at Bristol. Rebecca has been a fantastic tutor, adjusting her lessons to suit different levels of ability.  She has been very supportive throughout and can’t thank her enough for her guidance she has given us.

Deborah Perry – I have absolutely loved this course.  I  found it interesting, informative and sometimes challenging.  Lots of information given and fantastic group involvement.  Sometimes fun and sometimes intense.  Rebecca has a lot of knowledge in this course.  Any questions that were asked she would always have the answer immediately.  She made the group feel totally at ease and took into account the needs of everyone involved.

Testimonials from J B Skills staff in Sunderland where I delivered the L3 Award in Education and Training - December 2016

"I have really enjoyed this course.  Rebecca has been such a great tutor.  I feel like I have learnt a great deal.  It has been a great five weeks.  I did not know what to expect from the course and thought I would not have much understanding but I think I have done well."
- Kim Fenwick.

"Coming into these sessions I thought it was going to be very boring but Rebecca made the sessions very interesting and enjoyable for everyone.  I feel like I have gained some very valuable knowledge, which I can apply in my everyday job."
- Kieron Hanlon

"Very informative course run by Rebecca.  She made us all feel at ease from the moment we started.  The course was enjoyable from the start.  Big thumbs up for this course  Rebecca."
- Vince Gough (Swissport employee who joined this course).


Delegates from Swissport at East Midlands where I delivered the L3 Award in Education and Training - October 2016

A learners micro teach about how to take selfies (so we supplied face art for all delegates).

Delegates from Swissport at Luton where I delivered the L3 Award in Education and Training - September 2016


Delivery of the L3 Award in Education and Training at Cardiff 2016

"The course was very enjoyable and involved the whole class.  It was interesting allowed us to plan everything easier.  It was a bit nerve wracking at first but Rebecca the teacher made us all feel very relaxed and comfortable.  When we were all told we had to do a micro-teach we were all very nervous but when we actually did them on our own and selected a topic everyone enjoyed them.  The whole course has been enjoyable and I have learnt a lot different subjects from the micro-teach that everyone did.  Rebecca was amazing!"

Linda Hayter – Swissport

"Very enjoyable course.  Enjoyed the icebreakers and the energisers, was a great thing to do at the start of the day to break up the long  day up from the intense learning. Rebecca is a great teacher, taught me a lot of things in such a short space of time.  She was very patient with my nerves at the start of the course, but with her skills brought me out of my shell.  I feel so much more confident about myself now.  Will miss Rebecca"

Karen Candy –Swissport Cardiff



Swissport Staff 2015

L3 Award in Education & Training

Being a slightly older trainer I wasn’t looking forward to attending the L3 AET course, however after the first hour of the course I changed my mind thanks to the way it was delivered.

I found the whole 5 days very informative and interesting, and since, I have really started to look at the training and assessment process in a different way.

It has really helped, and I think it has improved my ability as a trainer.

Thank You

Mike Dean
Training Officer
Manchester Airport

My name is Alistair and I attended the L3 AET in Manchester.  I have been working in the Aviation business since 1991 and my company felt this course would be beneficial to me.  To be honest I wasn't looking forward to it but within the first few hours of the course Rebecca's inclusive training environment and her training methods made me feel at ease and relaxed. I enjoyed the course immensely and by the end of the week my confidence was boosted and I completed the course believing in my ability as a trainer. Thank you Rebecca for believing in me. 

I found the course interesting and supportive as well as being a lot of fun. Since I have finished it I have run several training course and have felt more confident in my ability to deliver a high level of training for the learner. 

I have been training different courses almost none stop since March and the two I did for our new starts had very positive feedback from the management and other members of staff to how well the new ones are doing.

"I found the level three education and training course hard work and very challenging! However, our trainer Rebecca was tremendously supportive and motivational. Rebecca is an inspirational teacher who encouraged us all to dig deep and maximise our skills and realise our full potential." 

Thanks again Rebecca.


Kerry Ennis.

Testimonial from an employability programme called I delivered and the message came through Linkedin – June 2015.

Good morning Rebecca! 

Hope you are well! 

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance during my time with the SureTrax program. You are clearly a leading professional of vocational education/training with an unsurpassed dedication and passion for your work. Your tutorship was instrumental in securing my current role of E-commerce Manager at Michael O'Connor and I am very thankful for that!  Matthew Oyston.

LinkedIn Testimonials

Julie Donaldson British Voiceover | Audio/Visual Content Creator | Twitter Trainer | Podcast/Audio Specialist | Public Speaker

Quite recently I was asked to forward my CV to be put on a list of possible service providers. I thought that this would be a very simple task. But after doing much searching through my hard-drive, I finally found my CV, embarrassingly out of date. Yes, I update my LinkedIn profile on a regular basis, but I’d long overlooked my CV and had actually forgotten that they are still required in business. 

Thankfully, I had a rather serendipitous meeting with Rebecca at an event, and she mentioned that one of her specialities was putting together successful CVs. I was eager for some guidance and advice, so booked a session with her. We met over a coffee where she was able to give me hints and tips about what to put in the CV - and what to avoid. 

She advised about how things had changed in recent years and explained that you should have different types of CVs for different requirements. So a CV for employment, for example, should highlight different things to one for a tendering process. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’. 

Over the two hours of our meeting, Rebecca asked me lots of questions about my skills and experience, in order to make sure that she really captured what I’m about and what I have to offer. By nature, I’m not comfortable shouting about my achievements, so it was very helpful to sit with her and bounce ideas around and really focus on my strengths - strengths that I might otherwise have overlooked. 

Rebecca is knowledgeable, approachable, encouraging and enjoyable to work with. I left our meeting feeling very positive and already have a hugely improved CV that I can be proud of. I’m also looking forward to working on a second version for other aspects of my career. 

I would highly recommend Rebecca!

October 20, 2014, Julie was Rebecca's client

Jemma Patrick - Room leader at Little Treasures

Rebecca help me in a great way to gather all my information on my cv and set it out to look more professional in order for me to apply for future jobs and extend my carer or even look at a new challenge. She allowed for me to see how the qualifications and training I have had and received will help me to further myself and how I should be willing to show it.

October 10, 2014, Jemma received support from Rebecca Hodgson

Eileen Wicks - Graduate Enterprise Manager, Teesside University.

Rebecca was always a pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and supportive of all new enterprise and business support initiatives. A great person to have on board!

September 5, 2013, Eileen worked with Rebecca at Teesside University

Carmel Cliff at Lemarc Business Solutions

I have known Rebecca now for a number of years both personally and professionally and am happy to recommend her to potential new businesses. Rebecca has a wide range of skills including very good communication, organisational, event management, training and project management skills whilst also having a broad knowledge and understanding of the needs of business. Rebecca has always been very keen to expand her own personal development and qualifications in order to ensure she has flexible and generic skills that can be offered to any business. Rebecca is trustworthy, professional, hardworking and committed and I would not have any problems recommending her to potential new businesses.

March 14, 2011, Carmel was a consultant for Rebecca at Teesside University.

On line learner through Vision 2 learn – studied L2 in Business Administration

Archana Kumari – System Test Engineer at Micro Focus in Reading

I have passed the course and thanks for your guidance for completing the course. 
After a long time I am writing to you. 
I need your help and support. 
I am holding an engineering degree (Electronics and Communication) from a very reputed college in India and having almost 6 Years of IT Industry experience. 
As I am not finding a suitable job opening in the UK so I thought I would pursue higher studies in Information Science. 
For applying to the universities I need one academic reference. 
As you were my mentor/supervisor could you be my referee. 

Rebecca provided a reference about my academic ability along with deadline expectations for submitting assessments. You don't know Rebecca how you helped me or I would say saved me from going back to India to collect just a reference letter. 

Thanks a lot Rebecca :)


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